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Review: Embracing the Magic – Town Magician 1 by SA Schneider

Every town has a magician to entice and protect. However, in this town, the magician isn’t all he seems, and only one boy can see the truth. When a dark magician challenges him to a duel, will the truth come out? Or will another rise and help?

This book is excellent for the younger group who are just starting to enjoy chapter books. The storyline is fun and fast-paced to keep kids entertained.

The first two chapters get off to a rocky start with spelling mistakes and what feels like the author isn’t giving the reader credit for understanding and double explaining.

However, the book takes off as we meet the main characters and understand their backstories a little more. The friendship that develops between the two main characters is sweet and carries a wonderful lesson – things aren’t always what they seem, and you never know what a person is going through.

The Grand Wizard and Cat are my favourite characters. They are fun and mysterious. I hope to see more of them in future books.

SA Schneider provides more than just a book. At the end he delves into Town Magacians, gives definitions of larger words and writing prompts to continue the story. This creates an excellent learning tool.

Overall, this was a fun story and brings a literary impact into children’s lives.

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