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Review: Bad Deal for America by David D. Schein

Using a card deck as the format, Bad Deal for America shows how American politicians use tax funding and various quotes by long-standing politicians.

Choosing to use the format of a deck of cards (and poker chips) to showcase various politicians was a perfect choice. It often feels like we are playing Poker with our lives when we go to the voting stations. Though this book is about America, I can see many similarities to Canadian politicians. Perhaps someone will make a similar book in the future?

The deck of politicians chosen as each card was my favourite part of the book. Under each card were quotes from the time they were in public office. David Schein did a wonderful job ensuring his citations were correct and the quotes factual.

This is not a book bashing any one side. It is a collection of public data presented in a fun way.

This is a great choice if you enjoy politics or want to stay informed.

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