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Review: Dozed and Confused: Tales from A Nutty, Narcoleptic Life by Carl Kozlowski

Dozed and  Confused shares the outrageous events in Carl Kozlowski’s life. I had the pleasure of reviewing this book’s audio, which brought out another layer of hilarity as Carl narrated.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read the description about a narcoleptic comedian/journalist. Carl has fallen asleep in some strange situations, that I’ll admit – glad it was him and not me. He has taken his journalistic intentions undercover and came out with a newfound love of never needing to do those again.

Each chapter shares a story, and each story made me laugh. Even from a young age, Carl Kozlowski had some interesting run-ins (pun intended when you read the book).

Overall, this is an easy, light-hearted read. Take a break from the seriousness of your life and enjoy a few chuckles with Carl.

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