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What is a Social Story

This week I don’t have a book review to share (I know it is sad). However, I wanted to share the social stories I have and what they are. If you don’t live or work with neurodiverse children then the term social stories might not be something you have heard before.

A social story is a short story explaining a specific skill to help a child learn. They often have pictures, either illustrations or real-life pictures of the child, showing the steps of the skill.

These stories are used frequently with children with autism to learn skills that the rest of us take for granted. I didn’t know much about these books when my child was younger and we struggled through learning various skills. I wanted to create the stories that I wish we would have had access to when my son was growing up to help him.

Currently, I have three social stories available. I am always looking for more ideas that other parents need.


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