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The Vicious Game by Derek Scarzella

Right from the start I was hooked into the life of one of the main characters. The scene was set through dialogue and observations which let the reader get right to the story. There are two story lines throughout the book which shows two sides of the same coin. It was interesting to see this contrast between the two plots that were interconnected and yet weren’t. Most times I wouldn’t think that would work in a story but it did for this one.

I won’t give away any spoilers but I will say that at the end I was shocked. It was wrapped up nicely and I must say that the characters got what was coming to them.

However, as this was the first novel written by Derek Scarzella there could have been some better formatting choices. Overall, the story was to the point and I enjoyed it. It was an easy read (though not for anyone who is uptight about language or sexuality). The only real problem I had with it was that at times in the middle of a chapter the story would change scenes without notice and I would have to do a double take to readjust my visuals (I like to see the story play out in my head).

Many books will do this shift in scene or even a time lapse but they will utilize some type of formatting technique to make it clear to the reader. Usually some asterisks ***** in-between the paragraphs. I don’t hold this against Derek and it would be something that he can easily incorporate into future novels.

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